10 myths and truths about botox

10 myths and truths about botox
10 myths and truths about botox. Photo: pexels

For over 25 years, botox has been used for aesthetic purposes, dividing opinions and falling in the taste of all those who wanted to delay skin aging.

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Today, the aesthetic procedure that involves the application of botulinum toxin has become much more popular and, along with popularization, came various speculations about the topic.

Plastic surgeon and cosmetology specialist Juliana Sales, specialist by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP), unveils what are the myths and truths about botox. Find out how the procedure can help you!

Myths and truths about botox

1 – Is there a minimum age to yield to botox?

MYTH. There is no ideal age. What should prevail is the good sense of the professional. In some cases, young patients, even before the age of 30, can start applications to prevent wrinkles resulting from muscle contraction.

2 – The earlier you start, the greater the amount of product you will need over the years.

MYTH. The start age has no relation to the need to use more product in the future.

3- Those who get botox should avoid getting a facial massage and using cleaning gadgets afterward.

TRUE. Facial massage and the use of facial devices should be avoided in the first 24 hours, to prevent botulinum toxin migration. Physical activity and “head down” are only allowed after 4 hours of application.

4 – Those who practice physical activity frequently may have a shorter duration of botulinum toxin.

TRUE. It can have a shorter duration due to the use of the muscles, which causes greater degradation of the product.

5 – It is possible to raise the eyebrows with botox.

TRUE. The eyebrows can be raised with the application of botulinum toxin, in order to paralyze or decrease muscle contraction. It can even correct asymmetries. The application site is in the frontal region, or forehead.

6 – The application of botox has an immediate effect.

MYTH. The result of the application can be seen from three to five days after the procedure, varying individually.

7 – Botox can be used to alleviate migraine pains.

TRUE. It can be used for migraines with applications in the frontal region and nape, mainly. The neurologist is the most appropriate professional for these cases.

8 – Besides everything, it also works for excessive sweat in the armpits.

TRUE. When botulinum toxin is applied to the armpit, it inhibits the action of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that regulates the glands that produce sweat. Thus, the person suffering from hyperhidrosis stops sweating or sweats less in that region.

9 – The application of botox always tends to hurt.

MYTH. We use topical anesthetic at the application points, so the pain of the “needle prick” is very small and tolerable.

10 – It is not necessary a regular interval between applications.

MYTH. The interval is usually 4 to 6 months, varying according to the patient and the doctor’s assessment.

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