4 Beauty Myths to Be Aware Of

4 mitos de beleza que você precisa se atentar. Foto: pexels
4 mitos de beleza que você precisa se atentar. Foto: pexels

Beauty care is a part of many women’s daily routine. Typically, searching on social media is a common way to enhance some results, but it requires attention.

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From popular practices to skincare routines, different beauty concepts are surrounded by myths that may seem harmless but can impact your results. Check them out below.

4 Beauty Myths to Be Aware Of

1 – Scrubbing the face with sugar is good for the skin

The face is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. Therefore, scrubbing with sugar – an abrasive grain that promotes excessive friction – can damage the skin instead of aiding in the removal of dead skin cells, warns Luciana Piquet, CEO of SPA Express.
“It is recommended to avoid homemade scrubs since they can promote the growth of bacteria due to the lack of preservatives, which come into direct contact with the face and can cause allergies, skin sensitivity, dryness, and oiliness</strong,” she advises.

2 – Waxing only lasts a week

Razor allergies are a concern when seeking alternative methods of hair removal. Typically, the use of wax tends to be a common choice but is surrounded by doubts.
Regina Jordão, founder and CEO of Pello Menos, comments on the durability of waxing. “It depends on each person and other factors like genetics and medication use. However, the average hair growth after waxing is around 15 to 25 days</strong,” she explains.

3 – Oily skin doesn’t need moisturizing

Excessive oily skin does not mean it doesn’t need to be moisturized. Therefore, just like any other skin type, oily skin should be moisturized daily. The lack of this care can even increase sebum production.
“The key is in choosing a moisturizer with the right texture and the proper active ingredients for this skin condition. Creams and gels with quick absorption and a dry touch tend to be the most recommended, especially those that help to address other skin characteristics like enlarged pores and a tendency to acne,” advises Alyne Miranda, R&D Manager at Yes! Cosmetics.

4 – Wrinkle creams can replace Botox

It is true that an appropriate skincare routine can delay the signs of aging. However, topical creams cannot provide results equivalent to those obtained by the application of botulinum toxin (Botox).
“First and foremost, there are no creams with Botox in their formulation. Furthermore, these products act superficially on the skin, improving hydration and reducing fine wrinkles. On the other hand, the toxin acts directly on the muscle responsible for the formation of expression lines,” explains Juliana Caldas, an injector at Botocenter.

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