7 Health Tips to Improve Your S3xual Life

7 health tips to improve your s3xual life
7 health tips to improve your s3xual life. Photo: pexels

Your health habits say a lot about your overall well-being. This includes your s3xual life and satisfaction in bed.

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With information from “Slice”, check out seven health tips that can make s3x even more enjoyable — and improve other aspects of your life.

7 health tips to improve your s3xual life

1 — Take time for yourself

For sexologist Jessica O’Reilly, time for yourself is of utmost importance for your overall health and intimacy with another person. “If you don’t have alone time, you’ll be so busy resting on your accompanied nights that intimacy will probably take a backseat,” she explains.
Therefore, she suggests alternating nights with your partner, nights with friends, and nights alone.

2 — Surround yourself with positive people

Jessica endorses the theory that toxic friendships can have a negative effect on your quality of life and your s3xual life. “If your friends are constantly criticizing others, complaining about their bodies and/or obsessed with their weight, you are more likely to do the same and this can wreak havoc on your s3xual life,” she contextualizes.
“Body image can affect desire, arousal, orgasm and s3xual satisfaction, so take steps to immerse yourself in environments that help support overall self-esteem,” she adds.

3 — Maintain a healthy lifestyle

You have probably heard that following a diet balanced every day and doing physical activities is essential for maintaining good health. And this is also valid for s3x: following these steps, “your libido and s3xual response will improve and you will feel more confident and sexy in your own skin,” points out relationship educator Laura Berman.

4 — Exercise with your partner

According to the expert, exercising together increases energy, endorphins, and testosterone, which can result in a natural increase in libido.
Yoga classes can be good additions to the routine. “The practice of yoga itself gives you a more flexible body that can be moved, bent and relaxed in almost any direction. The fact that you can do yoga movements will certainly make you feel sexy,” declares nutrition coach Rovenia Brock.

5 — Eat the right foods

Your s3xual life can benefit from some specific foods, such as:

  • Almonds: rich in nutrients that can help with infertility, heart health, and libido;
  • Dark Chocolate: contains antioxidants and produces serotonin and endorphins, contributing to well-being;
  • Oysters: seafood known to be aphrodisiacs, increasing testosterone production;
  • Strawberries: sources of antioxidants and vitamin C, consuming them improves blood circulation, a key factor for s3xual performance;
  • Asparagus: in addition to being rich in folic acid — ideal for women who want to get pregnant —, they increase the production of histamine, which facilitates the arrival of orgasm;
  • Ginger: it also stimulates blood flow and can increase sensitivity in erogenous zones;
  • Garlic: despite seeming unsexy, garlic can stimulate blood flow to the intimate parts, improving s3x.

6 — Have regular check-ups

To ensure your health is in good shape beyond what you can see, consulting with doctors and having periodic examinations is essential. Moreover, these visits also provide opportunities to discuss with your doctor any doubts related to s3x and other aspects of health.

7 — Try to innovate

Laura points out that adding new experiences to the routine contributes to a couple’s connection. In addition, this practice stimulates the production of dopamine in the brain, which boosts libido.

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