Cypress Essential Oil: cleansing, expansion, rigidity, and strengthening

Cypress Essential Oil: cleansing, expansion, rigidity, and strengthening
Cypress Essential Oil: cleansing, expansion, rigidity, and strengthening. Photo: Pexels

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The cypress oil is considered a great decongestant. It’s a tonic oil, anti-infective, antibacterial, and antimicrobial; its decongestant action helps in the purification of the body.

This oil should be chosen for the treatments of poor circulation and intoxications resulting from poor circulation, being great for tonic and stimulating massages, especially for pre and post-operative lymphatic drainages.

It is also an excellent oil for relieving pain caused by trauma, blows, or caused by nervous tension, as it acts as a suppressor of the nervous system, relieving pain and relaxing the muscles.

Its effect on the scalp is linked to hair loss and detoxification from chemicals in this area. On the face, it acts as a tonic, helping to improve the skin tone, being also used in the treatment against flaccidity and wrinkles.

In the body, it’s tonic, detoxifying, renewing, and balancing, very suitable for those who want to resume the practice of physical activities, besides being excellent in tendinitis and swelling caused by blows. In the lower limbs, it strengthens circulation and stimulates the elimination of toxins. On the feet, it acts as a regulator of sweat and odors in the feet and shoes.

It is excellent in the fight against cellulite and localized fat, as it drains the toxins released during treatments with electro-aesthetic equipment or shaping massages.

Cypress oil works very well also in more intense and modeling massages, as well as in bandages and compresses.

In the respiratory tract, it acts against flu; it’s antiseptic, anti-infective, and anti-flu. Excellent as a purifier of the atmosphere and environment against viruses and bacteria. It’s an essential oil that acts on the body as a whole, always purifying and strengthening.

Its aroma is comforting, tonic for the nervous system, decreasing anxiety and fear, increasing confidence, introspection, and the ability to concentrate. It’s a powerful oil that should be applied within the therapeutic strategy, in synergy with vegetable oils and other essential oils.

In holistic treatments, we should consider it an agent of cleaning the physical, emotional, and mental body, as it exchanges old energy for a new one.

Contraindications: in cases of cysts or nodules. It should also not be used in babies, children, and pregnant women.

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