Discover the Benefits of Vegetable Oils for Skin Health

Conheça os benefícios dos óleos vegetais. Foto: pexels
Discover the Benefits of Vegetable Oils for Skin Health. Photo: pexels

Vegetable oils are widely used for skin hydration, but do you know the true benefits they provide for the health of your epidermis?

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Vegetable oils serve as important bases for skin application. These versions have a natural affinity with the dermis because they consist of the same fatty acids produced by the sebaceous glands.

This means that the lipid film that protects the surface is composed, to some extent, of the same components found in vegetable oils.

Therefore, their main role is to adhere to the lipid mantle. This adhesion capacity increases the skin’s ability to retain water, keeping it hydrated and soft for longer periods.

In general, it is believed that applying oils to the skin and hair increases oiliness, but this is not true when it comes to pure vegetable oils.

The feeling of excessive oiliness only occurs with the application of mineral oils. These oils are occlusive, meaning they have the property of closing the pores and preventing water penetration.

Below is a table with the main oils, their functions, and areas of application on the body. Look for pure oils – you will discover which ones they are by reading the product’s label, which should have only one component. Mix them freely to integrate their benefits.

AreaOil NameSingle Component on LabelEffectDosage
HairAvocadoPersea gratissima oilHydrates, softens, and adds shineApply 5 ml before washing
JojobaSimmondsia chinensis oilCleanses the scalp and restores hair chemistryApply 5 ml before washing
ArganArgania spinosa oilEliminates split ends and drynessApply 5 drops as a finishing touch
FaceAvocadoPersea gratissima oilNourishes and protects1 ml before bedtime
JojobaSimmondsia chinensis oilCleanses acne and pimples1 ml after cleansing
RosehipRosa canina oilRegenerates and removes makeup5 drops on cotton pad
BodySweet AlmondPrunus amygdalus dulcis oilHydrates and protects8 ml on body after shower
GrapeseedVitis vinifera oilProvides flexibility and prevents stretch marks8 ml on body after shower
SunflowerHelianthus annuus oilTreats dryness8 ml on body after shower
LegsWheat GermTriticum vulgare oilFor poor circulation and varicose veins5 ml for daily massage after shower
SunflowerHelianthus annuus oilWith lemongrass: Anti-cellulite5 ml of sunflower oil + 4 drops of lemongrass essential oil
FeetRosehipRosa canina oilHeals wounds, treats chilblains, and improves diabetesApply 5 to 15 drops on affected areas
Wheat Germ</tdTriticum vulgare oilWith rosemary: Reduces swelling and improves circulation2 ml of wheat germ oil + 2 drops of rosemary essential oil
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