How to maintain long hair at any age

Como manter os cabelos longos em qualquer idade
How to maintain long hair at any age. Photo: pexels

The long hair trend is in full swing and can be seen by the number of celebrities, of various ages, who follow the trend, with both natural locks and hair extensions.

A study by the brand Milk + Blush analyzed the most sought-after hair styles in the UK since the reopening of salons during the pandemic, with hair extensions taking first place, followed by bangs.

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According to hairdresser Ricky Walters, hair extensions are one of the options most sought after by women and, unlike years ago, depending on the technique, it is possible to maintain a completely natural appearance and it can be used by anyone who wants to increase and add volume to their hair.

“For some bizarre reason, there is a myth that says that as you age, you should cut your hair short. This is not true! Long hair emanates youth and offers many styling options, while short hair tends to be much more structured and rigid,” Ricky Walters told the “Telegraph”.

To maintain length, Ricky advises seeking a good professional who can cater to your desire. A good option for trimming damaged ends without altering the length is the ‘dusting cut’, which can be done either with an appropriate machine or manually with scissors.

When caring for long hair at home, attention is needed: avoid using hot water and shampoo on the ends and, if possible, use the pre-poo technique before washing. The hairdresser recommends the use of strengtheners to prevent them from becoming brittle over time. The chosen products should be suitable for your hair type, and contain moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. After washing, apply a mask and comb while it soaks, according to the time suggested on the packaging. Then, remove excess water with a towel and apply a conditioner. Finish with a heat protectant, even if you are not using heat sources. After drying, apply a split-end repairer.

Regarding style, Ricky said, “waves and curls convey softness and fun, so don’t over-style your hair. Work with the imperfections and don’t be too rigid and structured. Think, more Kate Moss and less Kate Middleton”.

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