Is size important during s3x?

Is size important during s3x? Photo: pexels
Is size important during s3x? Photo: pexels

Are bigger bananas always tastier? Not necessarily. And just because he’s well-endowed doesn’t mean he knows how to use his tools better. We spoke to an expert to unravel the mystery.

Large p3nises don’t necessarily have an advantage in reaching female hotspots, like the G-spot (which can be reached with a finger) and, of course, the clitoris.

Furthermore, an overly large member can hurt the uterus if penetration is too enthusiastic. “When a guy is above average, which is 16 cm, it ends up bothering the woman, because the vaginal canal, in general, is between 15 to 18 cm,” notes Chief Urologist of the Unix Clinic, Alex Meller, from São Paulo.

If the length is too great, it’s crucial to focus on foreplay and lubrication. What can truly make a difference? The diameter.

The vaginal canal is filled with nerve endings, which means that female pleasure doesn’t come from in and out motion but from pressure against the vaginal walls. If the penis is thick, it’s possible to stimulate the area more intensely, especially the front of the canal, which faces the ceiling when the woman is lying on her back.

Even if the girth isn’t generous, the motion matters: he can tilt his pelvis or move in circles.

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