Musa undergoes bioplasty to thicken her legs and showcases the results in a video

Musa undergoes bioplasty to thicken her legs. Photos and video: Reproduction @adeiacavalheiro/Instagram Musa undergoes bioplasty to thicken her legs. Photos and video: Reproduction @adeiacavalheiro/Instagram

Fitness icon, Déia Cavalheiro, who captivates social media by showcasing her workout routine and body transformation, surprised her followers by revealing for the first time that her thick legs were not achieved solely through physical exercises but rather through the application of PMMA, also known as bioplasty. The icon displayed the results on her social media

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“Even though I’m a fitness icon, I’ve decided to reveal that I took this path and underwent bioplasty. It doesn’t prevent me from being fit, but there needs to be more truth in the fitness world,” she said.
Déia mentioned that she always had a very slim body and was bullied because of it. “I decided to undergo bioplasty as soon as I knew it existed. I was heavily bullied for being thin, I needed a faster way to put an end to it,” she said. “I first had bioplasty on the buttocks, and then I did it on the thighs, and in the following years, I did it a few more times on both parts. Today, I feel much better with my more defined body.”

The icon shared that she had always been very insecure about her body due to her thinness. “This procedure boosted my self-esteem. Now I’m a confident woman, but before, I suffered a lot because of my appearance; I had no buttocks, no breasts, no legs, nothing.”

“I received a lot of criticism for the procedure, but since I was very thin, just exercising wasn’t enough. I spent 8 years trying to naturally thicken my legs and didn’t succeed.” “I no longer feel ashamed to talk about it. And no one notices that I did it, unless I mention it; it looks very natural. I think it’s important to emphasize that I don’t encourage anyone to do it because this procedure has its risks if the right product isn’t used and it’s performed by a specialized doctor.”

Deia also offered tips for choosing a good professional. “If necessary, talk to someone who has already done it and inquire a lot about the professional and the product they use,” she warned. “It’s an expensive procedure, don’t fall into traps.”

Photos and video: Reproduction @adeiacavalheiro/Instagram

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