Recently, Miss underwent an explantation of prostheses after experiencing ‘Silicone Disease’ and is sharing her symptoms.

Giovanna Coltro Giovanna Coltro. Photo and video: Reproduction Instagram @gicoltro

Plastic surgery is often a common pursuit for the “perfect body,” as was the case with Giovanna Coltro, 24, Miss Baixada Santista, who underwent breast silicone implantation. “It was always a personal matter, but it wasn’t something of my own. It happened due to the external pressure we face daily,” she explains.

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To “g1,” the source of the information, the young woman details her decision: “I did it for self-esteem. I thought I was less of a woman than they would like me to be.” However, the dream of a standard aesthetic turned into a nightmare.

Although she liked the result, Giovanna began experiencing some health symptoms shortly after, eventually discovering “Silicone Disease.”

“I always felt sick, tired, exhausted. I slept poorly, had night sweats, body pain, hand pain, and tremors,” she recalls. And the symptoms went beyond: “I always felt cold and needed to wear six sweaters on mild days to go out. My hair was falling out in handfuls, and my face, cheeks, eyes, and nose swelled. I had no strength for anything.”

The young woman sought medical attention, but the diagnosis wasn’t easy to establish. “They said it was ‘something in my head,'” she says about the professionals she consulted, including a psychiatrist, psychologist, rheumatologist, and dermatologist.

After some internet research, Giovanna learned about “Silicone Disease” and promptly contacted her plastic surgeon, who scheduled the explantation of the prostheses for the same week in October 2021.

“When removed, the prostheses were deflated. The ‘gel bleeding,’ which I had seen on the internet, was real. Part of the silicone gel leaked, releasing heavy metals into my body. As soon as I removed the silicone, the symptoms started disappearing. The back pain, tremors, and swelling stopped,” Miss reports.

Currently, she claims relief and well-being and uses social media to raise awareness among other women about this little-known condition. “Only after I had my silicone implants did they give me a booklet saying the gel could leak. Why didn’t they tell me beforehand?” she questions.

Giovanna ColtroGiovanna Coltro. Photo and video: Reproduction Instagram @gicoltro

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