So, is avocado good for weight loss?

So, is avocado good for weight loss? Photo: pexels
So, is avocado good for weight loss? Photo: pexels

Avocado has been in the spotlight for a while now – whether it’s in the beautiful and inspiring posts on Instagram or on the plates of those seeking a healthier diet.

However, the burning question is: is it good for weight loss?

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Is avocado good for weight loss?

Rich in plant proteins and good quality fat (monoinsaturated), the avocado can be included in the diet of both those looking to lose weight and those aiming to gain muscle mass.
Although it’s calorie-rich, the fruit has a low carbohydrate content, which is great for those wanting to build muscles. Before exercising, it provides energy for the workout. Afterwards, its proteins assist in muscle recovery.

“It’s also good for those aiming to lose weight, as its satiety level is high. Therefore, it’s an excellent option to reduce appetite,” explains nutritionist Giovanna Oliveira.

Avocado Recipe

How about preparing avocado in a different way? Here’s a simple recipe for avocado chocolate mousse, to spice up your menu and ensure the fruit’s benefits.

½ small butter avocado or 1 avocado
2 bananas (1 frozen and the other not)
1 skimmed natural yogurt
2 level tablespoons of 100% cocoa powder

Blend everything in a blender, pour into bowls and freeze for about 30 minutes. Then, just serve and enjoy.

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