Specialist Gives 5 Tips for Having Strong and Healthy Nails

Specialist gives 5 tips for having strong and healthy nails. Photo: pexels
Specialist gives 5 tips for having strong and healthy nails. Photo: pexels

Having long and strong nails is the desire of many women. However, the reality often tends to be completely different, and therefore, opting for extensions tends to be the best solution. However, in some cases, this option can exacerbate the problem.

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Weak and brittle nails can be the result of a lack of specific care or even nutritional deficiency. Therefore, it is essential to keep medical appointments and tests up to date. In addition, a balanced diet is also fundamental.

Daily maintenance of nails and cuticles also deserves attention from those who wish to have perfect nails. For this, Natalia Figueiredo, a nail artist at Werner Maison, recommends five practices that promise to help you in this mission; check them out below:

1 Switch acetone for a nail polish remover

“Although it is more commonly used, acetone can be quite aggressive for the nail, removing all the necessary protection and leaving it weak. Moreover, it can cause allergies,” she warns;

2 Moisturize the nails, to make them healthier

The specialist’s recommendation is, one day before doing your nails, to remove the old polish and apply a cream based on urea or almond oil to the area;

3 Be careful when removing the cuticle

Natalia highlights that this “barrier” aims to protect the nails. Therefore, removing it deeply is not ideal. Instead, push and remove only the excess;

4 Never fail to use a base

“The nail polish can be aggressive for the nails, leaving them weak and brittle. Therefore, the base is essential, as it works as a protective film. Another tip to prevent the nails from breaking is to file the sides,” she recommends;

5 Include the use of gloves in your cleaning routine

As contact with some chemical products can harm the health of your nails.

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