Woman has morning sex for a week and reports what changed in her relationship

Woman has morning sex for a week and reports what changed in her relationship
Woman has morning sex for a week and reports what changed in her relationship. Photo: pexels

The benefits of sexual relations are not limited to a nighttime sex life, and to prove it, Molly Procter, a worker from Sussex, England, set a morning routine of sex for a week.

She reported the results of this “experiment” to “Women’s Health” magazine.

“As a committed night owl, the idea of morning sex has never appealed to me. Things usually don’t heat up with my husband, Jack, until the evening, and I need a lot of time in bed in the morning to wake up,” she said.

The idea of having sex every morning came from the lack of time and the couple’s hectic routine. “Having three children and a busy job, the action (or lack thereof) in the bedroom has become a bit predictable.

In an attempt to rekindle our roaring desire flame that once was, I set myself a challenge: I wanted us to have sex every morning for a week,” she explained.

Regardless of the time, sex can strengthen the relationship and bring health benefits, such as disposition, improvement of the immune system, and memory, among other things.

However, engaging in this activity in the morning helps regulate cortisol levels — the “stress hormone,” preparing the body for the day ahead.

The morning is also considered the time when male and female bodies are naturally prepared for sex.

According to a study published in the The Journal Of Sexual Medicine, men’s testosterone levels in the morning are higher and are related to increased erection strength. For women, estrogen levels are also higher, favoring libido and genital sensitivity, facilitating orgasm.

Having sex in the morning helped Molly reconnect with her husband and improved the couple’s sexual commitment. According to her, this initiative increases desire and makes them not want to meet metrics, but rather desire to be together. “Instead of becoming just another task — as I feared it might — sex became something to look forward to, and it really made us feel more connected during a week when our minds could be elsewhere,” she assured.

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