10 tips for your nails to grow faster

10 tips for your nails to grow faster. Photo: Pexels
10 tips for your nails to grow faster. Photo: Pexels

The aesthetics of hands is a common concern among women. Therefore, having nails well done and, most of the time, long tends to be priorities in the look. However, this simple vanity can be a challenge for those who suffer from weak and brittle nails, factors that compromise growth.

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Luisa Saldanha, pharmacist and scientific director of Pharmapele, explains that the weakening of the nails is a very common problem and can be caused by various reasons, ranging from constant use of chemical products to vitamin deficiency.

“It is estimated that 20% of the adult population suffers from nail weakness, and the main signs are a porous appearance, thin nails that flake and break easily, spots and irregularity, as well as vulnerability to fungus attacks,” she points out.

The healthy growth of hand nails is about 0.1mm per day, equivalent to 2-3mm per month. The total renewal of the nail (the visible part) lasts 6 to 9 months.

According to Luisa, the quickest way to start caring for weak and brittle nails is by using strengthening products that are effective for the problems causing the fragility.

These products act in the hydration, nutrition and formation of the protective barrier of nails and cuticles. However, most of the time, simple daily care is enough to eliminate the problem.

10 tips on how to make nails grow faster

1 – Avoid frequently removing the cuticle

“This practice facilitates the entry of microorganisms that cause infections, such as is the example of mycoses. To keep the cuticles beautiful without needing to remove them, use products that provide hydration and softness, avoiding the dry aspect of poorly done nails”, suggests Luisa Saldanha.

2 – Let the nail breathe

“If you are fond of using colored nail polishes, try to leave your nails free of dye at least one week per month. Uninterrupted use of nail polish causes dryness and weakening. Another tip is to alternate dark and light colors, as indiscriminate use of dark colors contributes to the yellowing of the nails.”

3 – Avoid contact with chemical products

“If it is not possible, opt for using gloves that protect the hands, thus avoiding the direct aggression of substances to the nails.”

4 – Use products specifically for nails and cuticles

The pharmacist suggests using products that contain, in their composition, active ingredients that promote care and nutrition of the nails and cuticles, as these potentiate growth and confer health to the nails.

5 – Pay attention to your diet

“The constitution of healthy nails and hair depends on the balance of vitamins and minerals. In addition to diet, there are products on the market for oral use that help supplement these nutrients, enhancing the results obtained,” she highlights. Then, she suggests some foods rich in beneficial nutrients for the nails:

  • Zinc: cashew nuts, meats, poultry, seafood, dairy, beans, and lentils;
  • Biotin: almonds, peanuts, egg, carrot, cauliflower, and hazelnuts;
  • Selenium: seafood, cereals, meats, eggs, and especially in Brazil nuts;
  • Protein (amino acids): chicken, eggs, nuts, seafood, soy, and cereals.

6 – Do not bite your nails

“This habit is extremely harmful as it opens wounds that serve as an entry point for viruses and fungi,” warns Luisa Saldanha.

7 – Be careful when filing

“The habit of filing the top of the nail can be harmful as it removes the keratin layers and makes the nails thinner and consequently more fragile.”

8 – The shape of the nails matters

The ideal, according to the Pharmapele pharmacist, is the oval shape. Besides being easy to maintain and matching almost all types of fingers, it is the best choice for those who want the nails to grow faster.
“But for this, it is important to file correctly and with personal or disposable files. Start straight at the base of the nail and only then start to file in a rounded shape from the base to the corner”, she teaches.

9 – Prefer nail polish removers without acetone

Continuous use of acetone makes the nails drier and therefore more prone to breaking. Opt for acetone-free removers as they are significantly less aggressive.

10 – How to make nails grow faster: Avoid tight or pointed shoes

“This type of shoe tends to press the nail, making it susceptible to becoming ingrown or growing irregularly”, concludes the scientific director of Pharmapele.

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