14 Best Positions for Lesbian Sex

14 best positions for lesbian sex
14 best positions for lesbian sex. Photo: Pexels

The sex between women doesn’t have a vast array of educational content on the internet.

What many don’t know is that lesbian sex can be extremely pleasurable. The clitoris is key—its sole purpose and function is pleasure. And sex between two women involves a lot of clitoral stimulation and other erogenous zones.

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Here are 14 sex positions that guarantee intense orgasms:


This position allows both to give and receive clitoral stimulation simultaneously. One is on top of the other, in the opposite direction, or both are lying on their sides, so that their mouths are between each other’s legs.

Face sitting

This involves one partner sitting on the face of the other. “This position provides direct clitoral stimulation, and you can focus on the pleasure you are receiving from your partner,” says Wendasha. If you’re on top, you’ll be able to control the speed, rhythm, and movement of your stimulation.

Doggy style

With a strap-on (harness with prosthesis), one of the partners can be penetrated in this position. The penetrated one can stimulate the clitoris with fingers or a vibrator, and the partner who is penetrating can stimulate her own nipples. For those who don’t like penetration, the position can still be enjoyable. The person on the back can reach out and massage the partner’s clitoris or nipples, or can pull her hair while rubbing her pelvis.
Both can also be on all fours, and the one behind can perform oral sex on the one in front. This position also provides easy access to the anus for massage, oral sex, or penetration.


Jess O’Reilly, a sexologist, teaches: “Sit upright on a chair or on the edge of the bed with your legs wide open, and have your partner ‘crawl’ between your legs. Place a pillow under your knees, lift your legs, and wrap them around your partner’s neck and shoulders to adjust the angle. Use your hips to guide her while she performs oral sex on you.”

On top

Lie down with a pillow under your head. Then, have your partner mount your head or chest, facing your feet. She will bend over and you can perform oral sex. A bullet-style vibrator can be a good purchase for the moment, as you can easily insert and manipulate it in your partner’s vagina.


Although this position is typically known in heterosexual sex, it can also be enjoyed in lesbian sex, penetrating your partner with a strap-on or fingers. Also, a double-ended strap-on allows both to be penetrated in this position.

Sensual spooning

Both spoon. The one behind can touch the body of the one in front. The partner in front can rub her buttocks against the other’s body, pull her hair, suck her fingers, and more.
This can also be a good position for penetration. The big spoon penetrates the little spoon with a strap-on or fingers. With the closeness of their faces, she can also whisper sensual phrases in the ear of the one in front.

Thigh crossing

Both kneel and lean on each other’s thighs, so they overlap. The clitorises and vulvas should be touching each other’s thighs, so they can rub against them while kissing. This position can be used for nipple, neck, ear stimulation, and hair pulling.
You can also lie down on the bed while your partner is on top of you, on all fours, with her thigh between your legs.


One partner lies on her side, and the other “mounts” her leg so that their clitorises align. Once in position, both rub their vulvas against each other.

The hug

Sit in a chair or on the bed, and have your partner sit on your lap, facing you, so you face each other. This position creates a lot of intimacy (kisses, hugs, touches) and gives both access to the vulvas. The two-ended strap-on can also be used in this position.


Stand and lean against the wall while your partner kneels and performs oral sex on you. This can be a great position for those who like to be tied up.

From behind

Both are standing, with one partner facing the wall. Meanwhile, the other extends her arms and stimulates her nipples and clitoris. Penetration can also be done in this position.

Face to face

Still standing, face your partner. Lift your legs, one at a time, to rub and stimulate each other. In case of height difference, try to perform the same position lying on the bed.

The Peak

Keep a firm pillow under the lower part of your back, so that your pelvis is elevated. This will give your partner a more comfortable angle to perform oral sex on you. This is also an ideal angle for stimulating the G-spot, in case of penetration. While your partner penetrates you, use your fingers to stimulate the clitoris.

Tips for the best experience

Use Toys

“Those who enjoy penetration can experiment with different types, shapes, and sizes of sexual toys,” says Wendasha. Together with your partner, choose the best type of vibrator for your intimacy.

Stimulate Nipples and Breasts

Nipples are an erogenous zone, and a nipple orgasm is entirely possible thanks to the nerve endings around them. Your partner can suck and pull your nipples during sex or while you touch yourself. For those who want to go further, invest in nipple clamps. Vibrators are also great for this area.

The Clitoris is Key

Take your vibrator to the clitoris, lips, and vulva as well. Guide your partner’s hand to where you want the toy to go and brace yourself for all the sensations.

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