6 facts about the clitoris

6 facts about the clitoris. Photo: pexels
6 facts about the clitoris. Photo: pexels

The clitoris is the only organ in the human body (exclusively female) whose sole function is pleasure. This powerful “button” is surrounded by curiosity and deserves attention — and knowledge — from all women.

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Check out below, six facts about the clitoris, with information from “IFLScience”.

1 – Who discovered the clitoris

There are no concrete conclusions about who discovered the clitoris. However, only in the 16th century was the female sex organ first mentioned in a book, “De re Anatomica”, written by the Italian surgeon Mateo Realdo Colombo. At the time, it was known as “Venus’ Love” and described as governing love in women.

2 – A powerful organ

The clitoris is extremely sensitive, with over 8,000 nerve endings, making it the main point of female arousal. What we see with the naked eye is only the external part of the organ, which can reach up to 12 centimeters of internal length in the vagina.

3 – It grows and doesn’t age

The clitoris doesn’t follow the growth of other parts of your body. Therefore, while some stop growing, it continues to develop — especially during stages of significant hormonal changes, such as puberty and menopause. Despite this, it is the only part of the human body that never ages, therefore, an elderly woman can have the same orgasmic capacity as when she was young.

4 – It’s similar to the penis

Although the penis has only 3,000 nerve endings, scientifically, these organs have some similarities, due to their common embryonic origin.
“Both (penis and clitoris) have a glans, have a corpora cavernosa, have crus — two ‘legs’ that surround the corpora cavernosa — and erectile tissue bulbs. The biggest difference is: the penis is mostly outside the body, while the clitoris has most of its part inside,” explained Sophia Wallace, a visual artist known for the “Cliteracy” project, about the female body.

5 – It gets erect

As mentioned earlier, like the penis, the clitoris can also get erect. This happens due to the dilation of blood vessels during arousal. The first tomography of an erect clitoris only took place in 1998.

6 – Importance

Knowing the clitoris and its “mysteries”, is self-knowledge. In addition to learning the theory about this organ, it is important to touch it to understand your pleasure and allow yourself to have intense sexual experiences.
“The idea that only men are sexual and women are reproductive is incorrect. Both sexes are reproductive and sexual. The taboos around female pleasure only perpetuate a disservice to both — women grow up feeling ashamed of sexual pleasure, while men grow up without fully understanding their partners’ sexuality or how to satisfy them sexually,” wrote Jackie Gillard in an article advocating clitoral education for children.

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