Basic anti-aging guide to reverse the effects of time

Basic anti-aging guide to reverse the effects of time
Basic anti-aging guide to reverse the effects of time. Photo: Pexels

Age gifts us with many things: wisdom, experience, self-knowledge, confidence… But there are also some very unpleasant gifts on this list. Here is a basic anti-aging guide to prepare for what is coming or to know how to reverse it.

Anti-aging guide. Gift: Thin hair

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The cause: Hormonal changes, diet, and inadequate iron levels in the blood can play a significant role in hair loss or weakness in the strands. “High testosterone levels can minimize hair follicles, causing thinning,” says A. Bobby Spence, a dermatologist specializing in hair, from The Hair Loss Clinic in Virginia (USA).

The cure: Look for a multivitamin rich in amino acids and Vitamin B, to give more thickness and shine. Your dermatologist can prescribe it to you. As a last resort, your doctor can also use laser therapy, which uses low-level light beams to gently stimulate growth.

Gift: Yellow teeth and gum retraction

The cause: Over time, surface bacteria and dark-colored drinks cause stains on tooth enamel, while excessive plaque growth can result in gum retraction. “Plaque buildup can also lead to gingivitis, a disease that causes bleeding and sensitivity in the tissue around the tooth,” says Lawrence E. Brecht, a New York dentist.

The cure: Floss daily – no excuses! “It’s mandatory to help keep gum tissue healthy and keep it away from retraction,” says Brecht. Another reason to floss? According to a study in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in the USA, gingivitis can create structural changes in your jaw that facilitate the appearance of more pronounced wrinkles and sagging with age. Keep your teeth impeccable by always carrying a toothbrush and clean them right after eating or drinking something, to remove bacteria.

Anti-aging guide. Gift: Sparse and weak eyelashes

The cause: Frequently rubbing the eyes can trigger eyelash loss, explains Jan Marini, founder and CEO of Jan Marini Skin Research in the USA. In addition, the natural eyelash replenishment system slows down as we get older. And the weak ones, with brittle ends? Old mascaras are usually to blame, as most formulas stick and are difficult to remove.

The cure: There are remedies that can harness the power of peptides for resilience. To prevent breakage, switch mascaras every 90 days and use a gentle remover to take everything off without hurting.

Gift: Dry and rough nails and damaged cuticles

The cause: The skin and nails become dehydrated with age. And dryness is aggravated by frequently washing hands and overexposing them to extreme temperatures. “Constant use of nail polish and tools for thick nails also make them weaker,” says Jin Soon Choi, owner of a salon in New York.

The cure: Hydrate your hands with a petrolatum-based cream. At night, massage the cuticles with oils to prevent breakages. To soften the rough and wavy surface, do a prep before filing. And once every two weeks, skip the polish and just use a base. “It gives the nails a glossy finish and lets them breathe a little,” says Choi.

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