Does sugar-free soda help maintain weight?

Sugar-free soda does not help maintain weight. Photo: Pexels
Sugar-free soda does not help maintain weight. Photo: Pexels

Who has never wanted to drink soda and, in order not to sabotage the diet, preferred a “diet”, “light”, or “zero” version? Well, know that sugar-free drinks offer no advantage over the regular version when it comes to maintaining weight.

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The statement comes from an article published in PLOS Medicine that gathered studies done by researchers from the University of São Paulo (USP), the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel), and Imperial College London.

Sugar-free sodas receive artificial sweeteners and, according to researchers, there is no scientific evidence that they prevent obesity.

Consumption of these versions amounts to ¼ of the global intake of sweet drinks, but they are not taxed or regulated with the same rigor as drinks with sugar.

According to the experts, despite containing few calories, the “diet”, “light”, or “zero” drinks can trigger compensatory food consumption by stimulating sweet taste receptors.

And the fact that people have the impression that they are consuming a healthy product, with few calories, is also able to contribute to the person feeling free to eat other foods in greater quantity.

Conclusion: Sodas (in general) are not healthy.

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