Model Follows Chocolate Diet and Claims: “It Keeps My Body Slim and Helps My Mood”

Model follows chocolate diet and claims: 'It keeps my body slim and helps my mood'. Photo: Instagram @wamoura
Model follows chocolate diet and claims: “It keeps my body slim and helps my mood”. Photo: Instagram @wamoura

The influencer and model, Wanessa Moura, recently declared that she strictly follows the Chocolate Diet.

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That’s right, she revealed that to keep her body slim she never skips this food. With cocoa being one of its main components, chocolate also contains polyphenols. That is, it contains substances that help reduce appetite, which helps maintain caloric control and prevent overeating.

“I like to eat well, but I know that to keep the body I have today I can’t eat anything at any time. Many women follow the chocolate diet just like me, I know I’m not the only one. In addition to stabilizing my slim body, it brings me many benefits, among them a good mood,” she explained.

Wanessa clarifies to those who intend to follow her tip that it’s not just by eating any chocolate that one will have a body like hers: “The chocolates need to be bitter, coming directly from cocoa.” According to the model, they must contain at least 60% of the fruit in their composition. If they are milk-based, fractionated, filled, or hydrogenated, they are discarded from the diet.

This year, Wanessa graced the cover of Glamour Bulgaria magazine. The influencer, who has 1.5 million followers, spoke about the great achievements of her career and the barriers she had to face to reach the positions she is in today. In the coming days, she will grace the cover of the fashion magazine, Malvie Magazine.

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