7 signs of negative energy in a person

7 signs of negative energy in a person. Photo: Pexels
7 signs of negative energy in a person. Photo: Pexels

You have probably met someone who seems to “drain” all the energy from a place. That person who, after spending a day with them, leaves you physically tired.

It is not always easy to understand what exactly in that person causes this effect, but there are clear signs of negative energy that can help you. Learn more with information from “Mål Paper”.

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What are negative energies?

These are negative thoughts that are trapped in a person’s mind, generating negative emotions and actions. These emotions, which can be fear, anger, jealousy, and even hatred, cause people to behave negatively.
When someone emits negative energy around you, they are essentially draining your energy. Some emitters of negative energy may be aware of what they are doing, but others are not. And the subtle negative energy of these people is often more harmful than their apparent negative behavior.

Most people are exposed to negative energy without even being aware of it. Have you ever gone through a phase in your life where you were constantly experiencing bad emotions? If so, then you may have emitted some negative energy yourself.

How to identify negative energies in someone

Finds flaws in everything and everyone

If this person does not hesitate to point out all your flaws and/or complain about everything in life, no matter how good things are, they are definitely immersed in negative energies.
They always try to find faults and criticize everything and everyone—and they even seem to enjoy doing it. This shows that negative thoughts are constantly passing through their mind, which then manifest in unpleasant behavior.

Tries to bring you down

Even when things seem to be going well between you, this person tries to undermine your happiness. When you are happy about something, they convince you that it is “stupid” and not worth your time. When you are upset, however, they do their best to keep you that way.
Negative people try their best to make happy people feel as unhappy as they are, and this is not always intentional.

Does not tolerate disappointments

A person filled with negative energy does not tolerate any kind of disappointment. This is because they often hold on to frustration in a suffocating way and feel “cheated” when something doesn’t go as expected.
So, if you know someone who gets angry or upset over small things, know that this person is emitting some form of negative energy.

Cannot handle criticism

Negative people do not accept constructive criticism, they refuse to listen to it or interpret it as a personal attack—and they dwell on the words long after a discussion.
These people are easily hurt, which affects their overall state of mind. They may seem to accept the criticism, but deep down, they are “boiling.” Over time, frustration from feedback and constructive criticism turns into anger, directed at those who offended them in the first place.

This happens because their negative thoughts not only affect the way they act but also how they perceive things. Since they are always looking for something to get upset about, even constructive criticism seems like an attack to them.

Afraid to take risks

Someone who takes risks is capable of effectively using their intuition, acting independently and courageously, without worrying about the weight of negative thoughts. And since negative people are always afraid of losing something, they never take risks because, in their mentality, taking risks involves more losses than gains.

Pessimistic and sees everything as bad

Negative people do not hesitate to label certain things as “bad.” And if you have solid arguments to say that something is not bad, they believe it could be better.
The thoughts of these people are so clouded by negativity that positive things do not impress them. Consequently, they become pessimistic individuals, always looking for what could go wrong in a given situation.

Curious and full of secrets

Generally, negative people are reserved about their own lives but curious about every aspect of other people’s lives.
When they talk about others, their eyes probably light up and their tone of voice becomes excited. But whenever they are asked about themselves, they become defensive and angry. Instead of working on their areas for improvement to be happy, they look at what everyone else is doing and make a point of criticizing them for it.

How to protect yourself

While you may not be able to turn someone’s negativity into something positive, you can limit the amount of negativity that person spreads. Once you become aware of your energy, try to limit your interactions with them.
Negativity spreads like an epidemic, and if you are around it for too long, it can affect your health. Therefore, surround yourself with people who constantly strive to stay positive—but avoid toxic positivity.

Although it is a difficult task, you can also try to help that person find a more positive outlook on life so that they can be happy. It is not easy to turn naturally negative people into positive ones, but it’s worth a try. After all, you never know how much your healthy positivity can be contagious!

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