Lipedema: understand the disease that affects influencer Victoria Matos

Victoria Matos. Photo: Instagram @soyvictoriamatosa
Victoria Matos. Photo: Instagram @soyvictoriamatosa

“People didn’t like me because of my weight,” declares influencer about disease that can be confused with obesity

At only 26 years old, the influencer Victoria Matos faces a diagnosis of an incurable disease, lipedema. Currently standing at 1.58m and weighing 75 kg, the model maintains a restricted diet and frequently undergoes liposuction. However, it hasn’t always been this way. Victoria once weighed 100kg.

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“Discovering about lipedema eased the weight off my shoulders, because before I blamed myself for not being able to lose weight in my legs, even though I was working out intensely. Psychological problems and eating disorders also greatly affected my life”, confessed Victoria Matos.

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Despite her online presence, the influencer suffers from daily attacks on the internet, dealing with aesthetic pressure that exacerbated her depression. In the past, negative comments deeply affected her, but these days, with therapeutic help and family support, she is doing better and tries not to get shaken by this kind of malicious comments.

“I’ve been bullied a lot on the internet, people didn’t like me because of my weight and my body. I got tired of receiving offensive messages that only aimed to hurt me. This continues to be routine in my life, but unlike before, I don’t let these people make me feel like a monster”.

According to Victoria Matos, the luck she didn’t have with people on the internet, she had in abundance in her romantic experiences. The influencer revealed she has dated twice in her life, and in neither of them, did the partners make her disease, lipedema, an obstacle to love.

Photos: Victoria Matos. Instagram @soyvictoriamatosa

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