6 Powerful Tips to Get Rid of Negative Energy

6 powerful tips to get rid of negative energies
6 powerful tips to get rid of negative energies. Photo: Pexels

Imagine the following scenario: you receive — or are awaiting — good news. It could be a “yes” for a job vacancy, medical discharge after a period of health fragility, or anything else that would make you very happy.

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However, after sharing your expectations with some people, the dreaded — and even unexpected — negative response comes to disappoint you. If this has happened to you, you may be surrounded by negative energies.

According to the “Times of India”, from where the information comes, you don’t have to be a monk to feel the change in vibrations around you. By paying attention to the symptoms, you will notice clear signs that you are surrounded by negativity. Some of them are:

• You feel restless;

• You can’t sleep properly;

• You feel depressed and anxious;

• Your thoughts and feelings go out of control;

• You tend to quickly absorb other people’s negative thoughts;

• You make impulsive decisions;

• You feel irritated after meeting certain people, and your energy drains quickly.

Your thoughts, the words you say, the people you interact with, and even the places where you spend a lot of time are powerful concentrations of your energy. If you relate to any of the signs of negative energies above, check out six tips to get rid of them below.

1 – Identify the cause

It’s important to identify the source of all negativity. Do you feel that your energy is “drained” after having contact with a specific person or place? Despite not being easy to detach from these causes, you should take the first step and reduce the time you spend with people or places that drain your energy. It is important to establish and maintain boundaries so that you are not “pushed” into situations you do not want to be part of.

2 – Practice meditation

One of the quickest ways to calm down and return to a relaxed state is by practicing meditation. Find a quiet place and close your eyes. Observe your thoughts as they pass through your head and don’t label them as “good” or “bad”. Take deep and relaxing breaths and feel the weight being lifted off your shoulders.
If you don’t like meditation, you can also start walking or running to lift your mood and ward off negative energy. This is especially important when you don’t feel like doing anything and feel like you’re being sucked into a “black hole” of negativity.

3 – Clean and organize your space

This activity doesn’t require you to force your mind. Organize your desk, your cabinets, and even your office to free up space and invite positivity. Make a point of getting rid of clutter and don’t accumulate items you no longer need.

4 – Stop complaining

Make a mental list of how many times you complain in a day. When you do this, you’ll realize many times the “whining” was completely unnecessary. The more you complain, the more you pay attention to what is bothering you, and then complain a little more. Focus on the solution instead of mulling over and complaining, as this solves nothing.

5 – Sage and salt

You can also rely on certain non-conventional approaches to get rid of negative vibrations. Try pouring salt in the four corners of your room and let it rest for 48 hours. After this period, throw it away. It is believed that the mineral absorbs the negative energy present in the environment.
You can also try smudging your room with a sage stick to attract positivity. If you don’t have sage sticks, use good quality incense.

6 – Stay close to nature

Break the habit of keeping the windows closed. It’s important to keep them open and let sunlight and fresh air in. You can also decorate the environment with plants for more vitality and positivity, but immediately remove those that are dying or already dead.

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